aerial shot of Marist campus featuring the Hudson River and Poughkeepsie area




The Hudson River Valley is known for its rich landscapes, 绿色食品, 多样化的文化, and has a 各种各样 of vibrant cities and historic towns. 追随你的冒险意识, 在每个角落都能找到美味的食物, 参与一个自豪的社区, and be a part of 历史 right at Marist in the heart of the Hudson River Valley.

Marist与IBM建立了合作关系, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential 图书馆 in Hyde Park, 以及米尔布鲁克生态系统研究所, offering students and faculty opportunities to collaborate with these world-renowned leaders in business, 历史, 与生态. 除了, the College has initiated several innovative programs that provide students with unique learning opportunities, such as the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and the Marist Bureau of Economic Research


Directly up the road from the Marist campus comes "the 哈德逊河谷’s preeminent open-air, 适于步行的, 代际社区." The 156-acre site is creating opportunities for residential, hotel, 医疗和其他财产, 还有153,000平方英尺的零售购物村. Hudson 遗产 will include ample commercial space, 750 residential units, and 150 hotel units. The following establishments are currently located at Hudson 遗产:









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From resturants within walking distance to local outdoor attractions, 与我们的有用指南一起探索该地区的景点.

随着艺术展览在我们的 钢厂时装和艺术画廊 我们的几个 戏剧表演 每学期, 有许多博物馆, 画廊, 和表演艺术中心就在bet亚洲365欢迎投注家后院. The 富兰克林的家. 罗斯福国家历史遗址, the Dia灯塔,和 理查德·B. 费雪表演艺术中心 are perfect examples of arts and museum attractions in Dutchess County. Just 2 miles from Marist, you can also find the historical Bardavon剧院 - distinctly known for being the oldest continuously operating theater in New York State.  And just across the Hudson boasts the 500-acre, outdoor 风暴王艺术中心. 浏览更多 综合列表 哈德逊河谷的博物馆和艺术中心.



除了校园里经常放映的电影, the Hudson River Valley is a hub of great cinematic experiences. Two movie theaters are located a stone’s throw from campus; the 罗斯福电影院 在海德公园和 Regal电影院 在波基普西. Film buffs rejoice because only a little bit further is the annual 伍德斯托克电影节, described as a “haven for those who love independent and challenging cinema,” and the beloved 四兄弟汽车影院 位于阿曼尼亚. 浏览 胡闹的名单 bet亚洲365欢迎投注附近的电影院.


Marist hosts annual concerts with top artists like Jason Derulo and Goo Goo Dolls, as well as open mic coffeehouses for smaller student performances. But the concert scene is incredibly active off-campus, too. 从当地的小场馆,比如 的机会, showcasing bands like All Time Low, to major music landmarks like 伯特利伍兹艺术中心 包括像Pentatonix和Pat Benatar这样的表演者, there is always a surplus of music events to attend in the area.


While bet亚洲365欢迎投注餐厅 在校园提供令人印象深刻的各种食物选择, the restaurant scene in the Hudson River Valley is incomparable. Known for its sustainable foods and farm-to-table eateries, the region is home to a vast array of culinary experiences. It certainly helps that some of the best chefs in the country come from 美国烹饪学院位于bet亚洲365欢迎投注校园的街道上. Right here 在波基普西 is everything from small-town delis to gourmet and global cuisines from every corner of the world. 请查看 各种各样.


The Hudson River Valley is known for its population of friendly, 社会活动, 智力投入的人. While you’re bound to find many of these folks at the 星巴克 on the Marist campus, 你也可能在任何时候遇到他们 波基普西很受欢迎的咖啡馆波基普西磨坊精心制作的咖啡, and 丑陋的杯子 are all very local to campus and attract the kind of individuals you can be confident will brighten your day.





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The appreciation of small-batch craft brews is very much alive in the Hudson River Valley. 磨坊屋酿酒公司, located minutes from campus, offers a wide range of distinct styles and seasonal brews. 坏种子苹果酒公司哈德逊河对面就是他的酒吧和农场酒吧,和 most dominant cider innovator and distributor in the world, 愤怒的果园距离学校不到一个小时的路程. 看看 旅行哈德逊河谷的综合目录 整个地区都有精酿饮料.


The Marist campus offers a number of outdoor recreational opportunities, like the Fern Tor Nature Preserve and the riverfront Longview Park. But only steps from campus is a world of outdoor experiences. The 哈德逊州立历史公园的人行道, 世界上最长的高架人行天桥, offers stunning views of the Hudson River and surrounding scenic valley. 莫洪克山别墅, 维多利亚城堡度假胜地, 被40包围,000 acres of forest and protected wildlife and is only 20 miles from campus. 无论是徒步旅行, 骑自行车, 滑雪, 或攀爬, the local Hudson River Valley outdoor life leaves visitors in awe and provides students with unforgettable memories.


Perpetually welcoming to tourism, 住宿的选择 abound right near campus. 从酒店到床和早餐到舒适的静修, visitors can be confident they will enjoy their stay in comfort and style. 浏览本地 住宿的选择.


One of the most appealing aspects of Marist’s campus is its connection to its roots in the beautiful Hudson River Valley paired with its ease of access to the city that never sleeps. Catching a train just off campus offers a scenic ride along the Hudson River to Grand Central Station, 时代广场在哪里, and many Marist students often take advantage of unique excursions and premier internships in the Big Apple.